VISGENEER is a biotech company located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and is granted as an "Enterprises in the Newly Emerging, Important and Strategic Industries (#09500828690) " by the ministry of Economic Affairs. Visgeneer aims to develop and produce biomedical products associated with human diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and gout etc.) and skin aging.

Visgeneer has generated a bioinformatic database associated with cancer. We are currently using this database as a source to develop high sensitive, specific molecular diagnosing products and we will further develop antibodies in association with pharmaceutical process for disease treatments.

Visgeneer (ISO13485:2003) has produced a fast, low sample volume and portable biosensor for monitoring blood glucose level and we will further develop multi-functional monitoring system for measuring the levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid. We are also actively participated in the development of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system.

Visgeneer (ISO9001:2000) has utilized nano tech water (total oxidizable carbon <1 ppb; 0~5 particles greater than 0.05 μm/ml; bacteria <1 cfu/l; Metals <1 ppt; resistivity 18.24 M.cm; 17O NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) linewidth 58.7 Hz) provided by Industrial Technology Research Institute as a carrier in combination of several functional animal/plant extracts to produce high quality skin care cosmetic products to satisfy the needs of all ages.

Thinking globally, Visgeneer will provide high quality biomedical products world-widely through an establishment of relationships with research institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and distributors.


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